aquatic weed harvesters

Aquatic Plant Harvesters offer an environmentally sound method of controlling excessive aquatic plant growth and nuisance vegetation in waterways of all sizes. These heavy duty work boats are highly efficient in the management of submerged, emergent and free floating vegetation. 

Like an underwater lawn mower, an aquatic weed harvester cuts the vegetation, collecting and storing the weeds on board. Aquatic weed harvesters are fitted with a pick up conveyor at the forward end of the machine, which can be lowered under water to cut weeds. One horizontal and two vertical cutter bars sever the vegetation as the machine moves forward through the water and when the storage hold becomes full the weed harvester returns to shore to unload.

Depending on the size of your lake, the type of your weeds, the percentage of weeds you would like to remove and how quickly you would like to harvest them, we will work with you to design a fully customizable weed harvester to meet your exact needs.

  • Manufactures by Aquarius Systems USA
  • Storage capacity ranges from 3 - 30 cubic meters
  • Production rate is 15 - 20 loads per shift
  • Cuts, collects and unloads weeds automatically through 3 conveyors
  • Discharges weeds directly on shore
  • Over 1000 units sold worldwide