Ganga river surface cleaning before-after

Gangra river surface cleaning with floating trash skimmers

Floating trash removal from river godavri during maha kumbhmela 2015

The Ganga is a critical artery of India's lifeline. Sushri Uma Bharti led Ministry of Water Resources has assigned us a pilot project for the cleaning of Ganga at Allahabad. We are keeping the Ganga litter free during the ongoing Magh Mela at Allahabad.

Amphibious dredger desilting narrow nallahs of Mumbai

Nasikh Kumbmela 2015

Amphibious excavator desilting upper and lower lakes of bhopal

The Machine can be used on sea beaches and sandy river banks. It has the ability to collect cigarette butts, small glass pieces, plastic bottles, corn cobs, coconut shavings, plastic bags, paper pieces and also sea weeds and flotsam washed on the shore line.
Pontoon Mounted Excavator in Hussain Sagar Lake, Hyderabad.
Cleaning the Sabarmati River , Gujarat .
Aquatic Weed Harvester being used in the city of lakes , Udaipur , Rajasthan , India .
Clearing Of Filamentous Green Algae From Pichola Lake , Udaipur .

Clearing of lotus mats in Gep Sagar, Dungarpur

Amphibious excavator with 50ft boom/dipper for desilting of Jhelum river

Kerala backwater lake cleaning with 420 series weed harvester